Activity Stream & Notifications - Never miss an update again -

Activity Stream & Notifications

ownCloud Online provides a separate overview page where all file and folder actions are listed in a comprehensive stream. From creation of new files or folders, to file or folder changes, updates, restores from trash bin, sharing activities, comments, tags or downloads from public share links –like known from social networks all file or folder related actions are tracked and displayed in one place for the user to review.

On top of that every user is able to enable email notifications about those file actions which are sent in a user set interval.

Individual notification settings

Choose on which channel you want to be notified about. “Notify via email” or “Notify via stream” lets you choose which way you want to go.

Customize notification intervals

You can determine how often the system should send you a summarized report about your file actions. Select an hourly, daily or weekly digest or even turn off mail notifications completely. Notifications are customizable according to your needs.

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