Secure cloud storage for your business. Made in Germany -

End-to-end encrypted cloud storage for your business is the safest place to store, synchronize and share your data with colleagues. Work securely together – anytime, anywhere.

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  • 100% GDPR compliant
  • German server location
  • Maximum security through end-to-end encryption

The most advanced cloud solution

Since 2010, we strive for a cloud solution that meets the highest data protection requirements. Whether patient files, legal documents, secret contracts or valuable construction drawings – sensitive data must not be accessed by unauthorized third parties.

With, we offer a GDPR-compliant solution that is inspired by this idealism. Our aim is to combine the convenience of a cloud with absolute protection of your privacy.

50 million people worldwide already trust in it and profit from our experience every day.

What makes so special?

Certified Serverfarms

Our certified german server farms guarantee highest security standards to keep your files safe and block out every unwanted third party access.

End-to-end Encryption

Encrypts your data when exchanging between clients. Your data is securely transferred and only accessible with a predefined key (e.g. SmartCard).

German Server Location

Protected by german law your data is stored strictly on certified german infrastructure.

Professional Support

Our support staff is there to help you in case you are stuck. Get professional help and don’t get lost in the clouds.

Two-Factor Authentication

Increase the security for your users by using one time passwords. Block out attackers and keep your files safe.

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Pricing starts as low as 15€ per user per month for single users and 13€ per user per month for Teams. Add your private Cloud Office for only 4€!


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For Single Users

  • 500GB of secure cloud storage for your files
  • Easy-to-use sharing and collaboration tools


/ user / month, yearly subscription, 1-4 users

18€ for monthly billing

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For Teams

  • from 1000GB secure cloud storage, additional 200GB per user
  • Extensive security features and administration options


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16€ for monthly billing

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  • "Today, is the best value for money cloud solution on the market." - Nanolike - COO Jean-Jacques Bois
    Jean-Jacques Bois
    C.O.O., Nanolike SAS

  • "The Talend User Group provides its members with a permanent forum to exchange views on technology, innovations, use cases and many more topics related to our open source platform.
    With we can use corporate file sharing for personal data -
    without any privacy concerns due to the GDPR."

    Michael van Rykswyk
    Managing Director Talend User Group

  • "As a non-profit association against organized crime, the protection of our, in some cases very sensitive, documents has top priority for us. This is guaranteed at any time with"

    Giulia Norberti
    Mafia nein Danke e.V.

    Is cloud storage safe? is hosted in Germany, ensuring the highest security standards and providing the most advanced legal privacy protection. Your cloud is entirely private (Single Tenancy) and thanks to ownCloud’s open-source codebase, we can guarantee the highest level of software security. What’s more end-to-end encryption and related features keep you in control.

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    Our Mission:
    Data Sovereignity

    Cloud solutions are state-of-art working environments. But because of the recurring spate of data leaks, confidence in cloud providers has taken a hit. We think that it’s time for a mature cloud solution, one which you can completely trust. combines the comfort of the cloud with the highest data security and keeps control where it belongs:
    with you!

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    1 Open

    We trust in the power of teamwork. In contrast to most big cloud vendors, is driven by a vibrant community, one of the largest Open Source communities in the world. One that sees to a higher level of both security and productivity.

    2 Made in

    We believe that data sovereignty is one of the most significant and beneficial goods of the digital age. So to provide the most advanced protection of your data is strictly hosted on German servers, as Germany has the most modern data security and privacy laws.

    3 Single

    In contrast to most cloud providers — who aggregate data from different customers to minimize storage needs — is single tenant based and provides separate cloud instances with dedicated private storage for each customer.

    4 Migration to

    We believe that technology should adapt to your workflows, not the other way around. This is what does, so it scales with your business. What’s more, your data can be migrated to your own infrastructure at any time.

    By the way –

    ownCloud is already used by over 50 million users and 200.000 organizations worldwide. - Deutsche Bahn AG - Fujitsu
    Lufthansa Technik
    Pepperl & Fuchs - cloud office - compatible with all formats: Word, Excel, Powerpoint

    Document processing for TeamsBen

    Create and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations directly in your browser, without special software. Work on a document in a team at the same time. All changes are automatically saved in your cloud.

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    Easy to use and a strong focus on data security

    All cloud storage vendors claim that they make no compromises in protecting your data. See yourself why stands out from the masses when it comes to comfortable and secure data storage.

    ownCloud Online
    ownCloud Online Competitor Google Drive
    Google Drive See in-depth comparison
    ownCloud Online Competitor Microsoft OneDrive
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    ownCloud Online Competitor Dropbox
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    ownCloud Online Competitor See in-depth comparison
    ownCloud Online
    ownCloud Online Competitor Google Drive
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    ownCloud Online Competitor Microsoft OneDrive
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    ownCloud Online Competitor Dropbox
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    ownCloud Online Competitor See in-depth comparison
    Cost per User per month 13 € 14,95 € * 8,40 € 15 € 13,50 €
    Security & Encryption
    Server location Germany US US US worldwide
    Encrypted file transmission
    Multi-factor authentication (2FA)
    Custom password policies
    Upload Filter
    Desktop client for all platforms
    Free mobile app
    Foto Upload
    Cloud Office
    (see details)
    Unlimited file versioning
    Unlimited Trashbin
    Outlook Integration
    Teams (user defined sharing groups)
    (see details)
    Large File Support unlimited max. 5 TB max. 15 GB max. 20GB max. 250MB/5GB
    Unlimited Traffic
    Password protected links
    (see details)
    Links with expiration date
    (see details)
    (see details)
    Free Guest Accounts
    (see details)
    Support 5x8
    24h reaction time
    no service level agreement 5x8, 1h reaction time no service level agreement 5x8
    1h reaction time
    Free Trial 14 days 14 days 30 days 14 days
    On-Premises Migration possible
    Setup assistance

    * projected to 1TB storage
    Based on publicly available information. If you have any comments regarding a necessary update of the overview, please contact us at

    Activity Stream & Notifications

    Get notified in realtime about file actions and see who worked on your files. No file action will get past you anymore.

    Explore more

    Advanced sharing possibilities offers a variety of settings for flexible and convenient ways to share files with other users.

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    Your data is always scanned on upload for malicious files. Your devices are protected and you don’t have to worry about viruses.

    Federated Cloud Sharing

    Share files across multiple ownCloud instances. Seamlessly collaborate with your partners and customers running an ownCloud.

    File Firewall (Upload filter)

    Frame complex rules for file uploads. Control exactly which files your users can and cannot upload.

    File Versioning & Trashbin

    Browse through previous versions of your files and track changes. All of your data will be preserved and you won’t lose anything anymore.

    Free Mobile and Desktop Clients

    The popular ownCloud mobile apps and desktop client are inclued and free to use. Your data is always where you are.

    Guest Accounts

    Easily share and collaborate with external people using only their email address. No additional paid user accounts are needed and even the mobile and desktop clients can be used.

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    Included Backup

    Your files are automatically backed up and preserved. In case of an unexpected data crash your files can be restored within minutes.

    On-Premises Migration

    Migrate to your own infrastructure seamlessly. If your company grows and your requirements increase a migration can be done very easily.

    Password Policy

    Establish custom rules to avoid the usage of weak passwords. Reduce human errors and increase your file security.

    Tag Management

    Manage tags and organize your files. Find and order your files easily and maintain your overview.

    Teams (Custom Groups)

    Create custom sharing segmentations on the fly. For a more efficient workflow without the need of an administrator.

    See how it works


    Set up automated file actions like tagging or deletion. Keep your file structure clean while you focus on your work.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What's the difference to other public cloud providers?

    In difference to Dropbox, OneDrive etc. is not a public cloud but a private cloud and focuses on data privacy and security. Providing a real protection to your data in combination with the advantages of a cloud is the core concept of It is designed to trust – without any limitations.k

    With a hosted cloud solution I still don't know where my files are stored! is hosted strictly in Germany. Our server farms are protected by the most modern physical and digital protection and prevention systems. Covered by strict german data privacy laws we guarantee the security of your files. Detailed information about our server farms can be provided at any time.

    What is an User?

    An user is any person or role on your team with a unique email address. Each team member should have his or her own user license. Users can link their accounts to as many of their devices as they’d like (PCs, phones, tablets, etc.) at no additional charge. To make your data available to external persons you can create guest accounts at no additional charge. Guest users have some limitations to features.

    How much space does my team get?

    Starting with 5 users your team has a cloud storage of 1TB (1024GB (GigaByte)). With every additional user your storage is extended by 200GB. For customized solutions please contact our sales team.

    What is an " instance"?

    An instance is a dedicated installation with dedicated storage and user space. It is only accessible by you. Other users have their own dedicated workspace so no cross-cloud access is possible. Some other public cloud providers do aggregate data from different customers to save space which is a big threat to data security and privacy.

    I'd like to start a trial. What do I need to know to get started?

    No prior knowledge required! But to make sure you’re taking advantage of everything has to offer, we suggest checking out our admin and user guides. Start your free trial now .

    How can I cancel my trial or subscription?

    To cancel your subscription please send us an email to The termination period for monthly subscriptions is 7 days, for yearly subscriptions 30 days. Cancellation of a trial is possible anytime in the evaluation period of 14 days.

    You are interested in but have some additional questions or need a customized offer?
    Contact us any time, we’re happy to help!

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