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Customize your cloud and strengthen your brand consistency

We at ownCloud believe in the philosophy of Open Source, and that software should adapt to users’ and companies’ needs, not the other way around. We empower our customers – that is why we created a comfortable way for you to brand your cloud

ownCloud online: Custom Branding Scheme ownCloud online: Custom Branding Scheme Mobile

Custom URL

Choose a Subdomain that matches your brand.

Add your logo

The hallmark of your brand makes an ownCloud Online your personal ownCloud Online.

Change the background image

Select a login canvas that emphasizes your brand narrative.

Select your colors

Apply your brand’s color scheme to ownCloud Online.

Customize your links

Meet your specific legal requirements with your own privacy policy and imprint.

Explore the comprehensive ownCloud Online branding capabilities!

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Fully align ownCloud Online to your corporate identity


By branding your ownCloud Online, you get a level of brand, messaging and legal consistency in an as-a-service product that is normally found only in more complex and time-consuming on-premises deployments.


Branding helps to integrate your ownCloud Online visually into your broader IT ecosystem.


A consistent brand experience can help strengthen organizational identification and improve platform adoption.


Branding your ownCloud Online also enables a more professional file collaboration experience for external contacts.


Branding is already included in your ownCloud Online subscription at no additional cost.

“ownCloud Online helps me run my very own file collaboration platform without the hassle. It’s single-instance, it’s top-notch secure, it even looks like something my sysadmin team has customized. Mind you, I don’t have a sysadmin team.”
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