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Advanced sharing possibilities

Files are made for sharing! With sharing files becomes easy, fast and secure. Explore the possibilities how to secure and speed up your daily routines.

Public links

Public Links can be used to share files and folders to people who don’t have a user account. This is perfect for one time shares and for people who should only get access  to specific files and folders. Everyone who gets the share link can see the shared files immediately. No User or Guest Account is needed.

To create a public share link click on the button (2) in the sharing menus “Public links” section (1).

Link name: Enter a name

Download / View / Edit / Upload only: Set the access levels to the file/folder you want to share.

Password: Set a password to protect the share.

Expiration: Set a date where the share link expires.

Send link via email: Enter one or more email addresses to automatically send the created share link to recipients. - sharing files with public links

File Drop

Sometimes you don’t want to share but receive files from other people. Often sent via email or “I’m quickly uploading it to” is it neither secure nor very efficient and bargains a lot of sources of mistakes.

ownCloud’s FileDrop feature offers a simple and lightweight solution for this. Imagine a digital PO Box where people can just drop their files. The upload is secured by’s security measures and files are safely stored in your cloud.

To create a FileDrop link just enable “Upload only” in the public links settings. - File Drop

Sharing options

Options Description
can share

If checked the sharing recipient is allowed to share this file/folder to other people

can edit

Set editing permissions to files and folders. Lets the user create new, change and/or delete files and folders. Note that on shared files only “can edit” is available which is a write permission.

notify by email

In addition to the notification emails sent by the system you can notify users about a share. While system notifications are sent based on the users settings (default: once an hour) this notifications is sent immediately.

Note: Admins can disable this feature which will make the button disappear. (Settings -> Sharing -> “Allow users to send mail notification for shared files to other users”)

Trash bin icon

Remove the share and stop the access to that file or folder for the specified person.

Options for public links

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Create custom sharing segmentations on the fly. For a more efficient workflow without the need of an administrator.

See how it works Icon Feature Guests Guest Accounts

Easily share and collaborate with external people using only their email address. No additional paid user accounts are needed and even the mobile and desktop clients can be used.

See how it works Icon Feature File Notifications Activity Stream & Notifications

Get notified in realtime about file actions and see who worked on your files. No file action will get past you anymore.

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