Guest Accounts - Convenient collaboration beyond boundaries

Guest Accounts

Share your data in an easy and secure manner with people outside your organization. Except for a few restrictions, the full ownCloud Online functionality is available for Guest Users.

This extends the protection of your data without any restrictions beyond your company boundaries and offers a holistically secure and convenient way of working together.

Desktop and mobile clients

Guest Accounts are not only a powerful addition to your own workflow. Guest Users are even able to use the Desktop and mobile clients! This offers not only a very comfortable but also very secure possibility to collaborate with others.

Get the Desktop and mobile clients here

No User license required

Guest Accounts do not need a user license. It’s included in the initial price and you can use them without any additional costs.

Notify by email

In addition to the periodically sent activity emails (default: once an hour) the user can be immediately notified about the new share.

Note: Admins can disable this feature which will make the button disappear. (Settings -> Sharing -> “Allow users to send mail notification for shared files to other users”)

can share

If checked, the guest user is able to share the file/folder again to other people. Disabled per default.

can edit

If checked, the guest user is allowed to modify the file. While change (edit files/folders) is available for files also, create (add new files/folders), and delete (delete files/folders) are available for shared folders only.

Trash bin

Remove the share. Guest User won’t have access to that file/folder anymore. This does not delete the created Guest Account. Only admin can remove Guest Accounts.

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