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„Today, is the best value for money cloud solution on the market“

Jean-Jacques Bois, COO and Co-Founder Nanolike Nanolike COO Jean-Jaques Bois

IoT solutions for real-time monitoring industry containers

Our customer NANOLIKE is a provider of innovative, intelligent monitoring solutions for connected tanks (IBC or silo). With the professional IoT solution, customers receive full real-time transparency and control over their industrial products. The customer benefits are obvious: significant savings in time and money, on-time delivery, differentiation through innovation and a “never-out” guarantee.

It is understandable that this generates large amounts of data. And it goes without saying that this sensitive data requires highly secure storage.

Initially, the company used Google Drive. However, the application did not meet the high requirements. Too high the battery consumption when used on notebooks. The weaknesses in the synchronization function also met with little enthusiasm.

“When we looked around for a new cloud solution, a key challenge was to find a very reliable partner for the secure storage of our data,” says Jean-Jacques Bois, CEO of NANOLIKE.

“Quick support from experienced professionals is very important to us”.

The search was on for a solution that would fit the requirements exactly. And they compared various providers operating on the market. But it quickly became clear: Only impressed with a corresponding level of quality and was able to fully score in all desired criteria. Nanolike Illustration Silos IoT
Nanolike monitoring industry silos in realtime with their innovative IoT technology and cloud services
Nanolike monitoring industry silos in realtime with their innovative IoT technology and cloud services

NANOLIKE relies on for cloud storage

And thus the simplest operation, highest security and the fulfillment of the strictest data protection requirements.
With, NANOLIKE now benefits from a cloud solution that meets the strictest data protection requirements. Hosted in Germany, the country with the most modern data protection laws, the solution meets the highest security standards and guarantees complete data protection. Driven by one of the largest open source communities in the world.

And the added value for the IoT innovator NANOLIKE is obvious: increased productivity and time savings through secure and state-of-the-art data processing. With simple, intuitive operability and a synchronization option that meets the requirements. Without expensive IT personnel or provision and maintenance of your own hardware.

Feature spotlight: Sharing files offers a variety of ways to securely share files with other people. Whether password protection, expiration date for release links or guest accounts for external partners – the exchange of documents and data has never been more convenient and secure.

"What I like best with is the feature which makes very easy to share a file or a folder to any third-party: just few click and you get your link, password (if you want to), and that's all!"
Jean-Jaqcues Bois, COO Nanolike - Sharing files

The unique file sharing capabilities of the competition are also very convincing. For example, password-protected links make it possible to create public download links that are password protected. This allows files to be securely shared without external users needing their own account.
Furthermore, release links can be provided with an expiration date. These are automatically deleted after this date and thus prevent forgotten releases.
With FileDrop you can easily collect files. The recipient of the link does not see what is in the folder, but can upload files (similar to a mailbox). This makes collaboration with external people extremely convenient.

Not only NANOLIKE relies on ownCloud. More than 200,000 companies and 100 million users worldwide already trust the solution.

„With we found a cloud solution that meets our requirements regarding data security and ease of use"

Jean-Jacques Bois

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NANOLIKE is specialized in innovative measuring technologies. The French company optimizes the logistics services of its industrial customers and provides integrated monitoring solutions – from sensors to dashboards. NANOLIKE has been awarded various innovation prizes. The company is an active member of the IoT Valley, a dynamic ecosystem for the Internet of Things (IoT) based in Labège.