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Remote Work: Let your staff work from home – easy and secure.

Remote work is clearly on business leaders’ minds these days. Lots of staff want to work from home, and companies face risks and rewards. helps your business by providing secure, easy to use file sharing and collaboration tools in your own private cloud, on highly secure servers in Germany, with fast and professional support.

  • Secure: Encrypted file access and storage in your private cloud on servers in Germany
  • GDPR compliant by e.g. encrypting, auditing and logging file access
  • Collaborate on documents, spreadsheets and presentations from the comfort of your browser. Comment on progress, chat with colleagues or use text-to-speech
  • No government snooping. US-based services are required by the CLOUD-Act to let the US government have a look – our company and servers are based in Germany and thus don’t have such requirements

Start now with into the modern working world. A secure file storage for working from home. makes switching to remote easy and secure. Start your 14-day free trial now!

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More and more companies are offering their employees to work from home. There are many reasons for this: Even working remote once a week can increase job satisfaction, save on stressful commuting time and on eye-watering office rent, too. Telecommuting also finally allows you to recruit that talented professional unable to move house for the job.

To successfully introduce remote working in your company, you will have to make sure that your employees have ready access to the company files they are supposed to be working on while you stay in control of the data. Setups like VPN and remote desktops are a hassle to support and work with, and the big-brand public clouds can’t deliver the security and compliance you need. delivers ease of use just like public-cloud service combined with the highest security standards in a managed package.

What does “remote work” mean?

By definition, home office work (or remote work) is done from home. Employees set up a workplace in their house or apartment and can coordinate tasks and objectives with the employer via digital channels such as cloud services, e-mail or telephone.


  • Cost reduction
  • Increased productivity
  • Positive effect on the employer brand
  • Positive effects on the compatibility of work and family
  • Promotion of the culture of trust in the company


  • High demands on data security and IT infrastructure
  • Working time control only possible to a limited extent
  • Possible negative effects on the sense of community and “team spirit” due to high absenteeism

Solution with

  • No own IT infrastructure necessary.
  • Fast implementation (usable in a few minutes)
  • Data protection and privacy in accordance with the DSGVO are guaranteed at all times
  • Chat function, live editing of documents in combination with conference software providers brings colleagues closer together

„Well knowing that even people working at ownCloud cannot access the data that I am uploading is a good feeling.

Using ownCloud really creates that feeling of security that I wanted.“

Verified 5-star rating on Gartner Peer Insights makes switching to remote easy and secure. Start your 14-day free trial now!

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Features that make your business ready to go remote:

  • Easy to use enterprise file share and sync
  • Collaborate on files in real time, comment and chat with colleagues in secure browser app
  • Apps for iOS and Android, desktop clients for Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Your own private cloud instance within our servers in Germany
  • Encrypted file transfer, encrypted and redundant storage, Client-based end-to-end encryption
  • Architecture is open-source, privacy-bay-design and privacy-by-default
  • Compliant with GDPR
  • Built-in virus protection