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Sharing files - Sharing files

With the powerful web interface and the comfortable desktop and mobile clients of the award-winning software ownCloud your files can be easily shared with others.

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Guest Accounts - Working with guest accounts

Share your data easily and securely with external persons. Guest users do not need a user license and, apart from a few restrictions, they have the full functionality including using the desktop and mobile client.

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Teams (Custom Groups) - Teams

Create groups of people quickly and easily, sharing your data with multiple people at the same time. Teams (Custom Groups) can be customized by each user. The collaboration will be much more effective.

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Activity Stream & Notification - Notification & Activity Stream

Track changes to your files and get notified about new files. The notification system informs you at any time on different channels when files are changed. The activity stream lists via web interface and RSS feed a detailed file history, with which you can understand all changes at any time.

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