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Advanced sharing possibilities

Files are made for sharing! With sharing files becomes easy, fast and secure. Explore the possibilities how to secure and speed up your daily routines.

Teams (Custom Groups)

Teams are a granular possibility to set up task groups. While normal user groups require an administrator to set up Teams can be created by every user to suit their workflow. Sharing files and working together will be much more efficient and faster without any trade-offs in keeping your files safe.

Teams can also be combined with Guest Users.

Activity Stream & Notifications

ownCloud Online provides a separate overview page where all file and folder actions are listed in a comprehensive stream. From creation of new files or folders, to file or folder changes, updates, restores from trash bin, sharing activities, comments, tags or downloads from public share links –like known from social networks all file or folder related actions are tracked and displayed in one place for the user to review.

On top of that every user is able to enable email notifications about those file actions which are sent in a user set interval.

Guest Accounts

Share your data in an easy and secure manner with people outside your organization. Except for a few restrictions, the full ownCloud Online functionality is available for Guest Users.

This extends the protection of your data without any restrictions beyond your company boundaries and offers a holistically secure and convenient way of working together.