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Despite encryption Dropbox has full access to your data. Why is more secure explained in detail. - Alternative to Dropbox

"Unlike Dropbox and other similar programs, ownCloud differs from them by providing the user with full control over their data"

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Dropbox has control over your data. Don’t let that happen.

Maximum safety through end-to-end encryption

Despite encryption, Dropbox has access to your data. The encryption codes are stored on their servers and can be viewed at any time. acts according to the Zero-Knowledge-Principle: only you and the recipient have access to the decrypted data. This makes access impossible without your express consent. You decide who may read your data. It’s about your privacy. offers End-to-end-encryption
compare ownCloud and Dropbox: Outlook-plugin


Integrate your cloud directly into your email traffic. Instead of an e-mail attachment, the Outlook plug-in automatically links to the corresponding file in ownCloud. The user does not deviate from his usual workflow. The plug-in is fully integrated into Outlook, easy to use and uses secure SSL encryption.

Your data remains secure in your cloud and is no longer sent insecurely.

compare ownCloud and Dropbox: Outlook-plugin

Advanced legal protection

Legal constructs such as the 2018 CLOUD Act force US-based cloud providers such as Dropbox to grant US authorities access to their data upon request. This violates directly your privacy.

There are no such legal encroachments on your privacy at Thanks to the German company and server location, your data is subject to German data protection law, which is one of the most advanced in the world. Your data is therefore protected not only technically but also legally. hosted in Germany offers professional support

Included Support

In your cloud, you store data and documents that are your business foundation. But what to do if something goes wrong? You won’t find a support hotline at Dropbox – you’re on your own.

With you have competent support included. Within 24 hours we will help you by e-mail or telephone until your problem is solved. offers professional support

Unlimited Traffic

Your cloud you entrust all your data. You want to have quick access to them at all times. Providers like Dropbox throttle your transmission speed to a certain limit. You won’t have access to your files any more.

With there are no limits: You access your data at any time with the full bandwidth available.
This is the only way to make reliable and comfortable riding look like this.

Compare ownCloud and Dropbox: Traffic limit more secure and cost-efficient provides a variety of security and comfort features 100% unknown to Dropbox users which gives total control of your data at much lower costs of ownership.

  Logo ownCloud Online
ownCloud Online
ownCloud Online Competitor Dropbox
  Logo ownCloud Online
ownCloud Online
ownCloud Online Competitor Dropbox
Cost per User per month 13 € 15 €
Security & Encryption
Server location Germany US
Encrypted file transmission
Multi-factor authentication (2FA)
Custom password policies
Upload Filter
Desktop client for all platforms
Free mobile app
Foto Upload
Custom Branding
(see details)
Unlimited file versioning
Unlimited Trashbin
Outlook Integration
Teams (user defined sharing groups)
Large File Support unlimited max. 20GB
Unlimited Traffic
Password protected links
Links with expiration date
Free Guest Accounts
Support 9×5, 2h reaction time no service level agreement
Free Trial 14 days 30 days
On-Premises Migration possible
Setup assistance

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Secure sharing and collaboration

In addition to end-to-end encryption, many other security-related functions are available to support you in your work.

Advanced sharing possibilities offers advanced Sharing Possibilities offers a variety of settings for flexible and convenient ways to share files with other users.

Free Mobile and Desktop Clients free desktop client and free app

The popular ownCloud mobile apps and desktop client are inclued and free to use. Your data is always where you are.

Two-Factor Authentication feature Two-factor-authentication

Increase the security for your users by using one time passwords. Block out attackers and keep your files safe. Icon Feature File NotificationsActivity Stream & Notifications Icon Feature On-Premises MigrationAdvanced sharing possibilities Icon Feature Anti VirusAnti-Virus Icon Feature Certified ServerfarmsCertified Serverfarms Icon Feature End-to-2-End-EncryptionEnd-to-end Encryption Icon Feature Federated Cloud SharingFederated Cloud Sharing Icon Feature File Firewall - Upload FilterFile Firewall (Upload filter) Icon Feature File Versioning & TrashbinFile Versioning & Trashbin Icon Feature Free Mobile and Desktop ClientsFree Mobile and Desktop Clients Icon Feature German InfrastructureGerman Server Location Icon Feature GuestsGuest Accounts Icon Feature File BackupIncluded Backup Icon Feature On-Premises MigrationOn-Premises Migration Icon Feature Password PolicyPassword Policy Icon Feature Professional SupportProfessional Support Icon Feature Tag ManagementTag Management Icon Feature Teams - Sharing groupsTeams (Custom Groups) Icon Feature Two-Factor AuthenticationTwo-Factor Authentication Icon Feature Workflows & RetentionWorkflows

"Unlike Dropbox and other similar programs, ownCloud differs from them by providing the user with full control over their data"

Verified 5-star review on Gartner Peer Insights

Switch to now and test 14 days for free!